The Most Outrageous Tattoos Of The 2014 World Cup

Tattoos, like memories, last forever.

1. Some have been inspired by famous incidents.

ID: 3323019

2. Like the Suarez bite.

ID: 3315428

3. Yes, that infamous incident.

Julian Finney / Getty Images
ID: 3324312

4. Regardless of spelling.

ID: 3309506

5. We will always be reminded of his presence.

ID: 3309518

6. Some have been overly optimistic — “hexa” is a prefix for six in Portuguese — in anticipation of Brazil’s sixth title.


— divα (@barbiesemken)
ID: 3309509

7. If only it were true.

This is the saddest thing ever. Poor old Brazil #bra

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren)
ID: 3323877

8. Some are likenesses of the players, like Clint Dempsey.

ID: 3315467

9. And this dead-on Neymar piece.

ID: 3316999

10. Players have interesting tattoos as well, like Theofanis Gekas of Greece’s forearm piece “寒冷殺人魔” which is Japanese for “cold murder demon.”

Mark Kolbe / Getty
ID: 3315722

11. Or Chile’s Mauricio Pinilla who immortalized his heartbreak…

AP/Martin Meissner
ID: 3322728

12. … By getting this tattoo on his back.

@enrikeitor se lo tatuó!

— Marcelo Amigo S (@conejosanchez23)
ID: 3322709

13. Along with two on his face.

La sesión de hoy del gran @pinigol51

— TATTOO ROCKERS (@tattoorockers)
ID: 3309511

14. Others like Italy’s Mario Balotelli use tattoos as inked inspiration.

— Mario Balotelli (@FinallyMario)
ID: 3315772

15. He is the “punishment of God.”

Getty / Claudio Villa
ID: 3323483

16. Italian teammate Daniele de Rossi’s ink provides a warning…

Claudio Villa / Getty
ID: 3322896

17. … Beware of slide tackles.


ID: 3322874

18. The Netherlands Wesley Sneijder’s body art has spawned Michael Jackson rumors.

VI-Images / VI-Images via Getty Images
ID: 3316816

19. Whether it’s intentional or otherwise there is at least a slight resemblance.

VI-Images / VI-Images via Getty Images
ID: 3323312

20. So smile!

ID: 3325256

21. Thanks to superstars like Neymar, we are all truly “blessed” to have seen these unique works of art.

ID: 3318452

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