27 Struggles Anyone In A Long-Distance Relationship Will Understand

It isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible.

1. You’ve had to schedule your convos across many different time zones.

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2. So you either have to talk very early…

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3. … Or super late.

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4. Either way you don’t get much sleep.

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5. Planning around holidays can be tricky.

So do you go see your family or your boo?

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6. You have to arrange trips to see each other weeks, or even months in advance.

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7. And you have the best route already mapped out and memorized.

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8. You literally have a countdown until the next time you see each other.

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9. You’ve had that overwhelming sense of FOMO when you see them checking in places and you can’t be there.

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10. You’re not above sending sappy text messages, because you know you can’t say those kind of things in person.

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11. You’ve struggled to find good Wi-Fi for Facetime.

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12. And Skype ALWAYS seems to freeze at some point.

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13. You’ve freaked at how high your phone bill is from all the text and data usage.

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14. You’ve accepted that you can’t celebrate every milestone together.

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15. Which means you know how much it sucks having to miss birthdays.

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16. And anniversaries.

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17. You’ve felt guilty when you’ve received a care package and haven’t sent one in return.

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18. A huge part of your budget goes to plane tickets or gas.

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19. Which means you’re broke most of the time.

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20. You feel like a third wheel when you go out with a couple even though you’re technically in a relationship.

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21. The lack of physical contact has led to some severe levels of thirst.

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22. Pictures of plane tickets…

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23. And dashboards…

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Both make you super anxious, ‘cause you’re that much closer to seeing your bae.

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24. Since you can’t see each other, you’ve had to get creative with your romantic gestures.

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25. You’ve even gotten hand cramps from trying to bring back the lost art of writing a love letter.

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26. It sucks that you can’t spend every “waking” moment with them.

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27. And of course saying good-bye is the absolute worst.

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So although you may miss your boo constantly…

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… You know it will work out in the end, and distance won’t change that.

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