25 Reasons Colombia’s James Rodríguez Should Be Your Favorite Person Ever

Meet the next “King James.” Or should we say Ha-mes.

This is James Rodríguez.

Clive Rose / Getty

Pronounced like HAHM-ess, not jeymz.

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He’s the star attacking midfielder for the Colombian National Team.

Alexandre Loureiro / Getty
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He’s currently the leading goal scorer in the World Cup.

Julian Finney / Getty
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He’s good at putting it between the posts.

ID: 3281723

Really good.

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Actually really, really good.

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But there are so many reasons to love him.

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1. Because he is also one hell of a dancer.

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2. He’s actually one the team’s go-to dancers.

ID: 3246654

3. Because he’s also great with animals.

ID: 3247328

4. And he’s a loving and caring father.

ID: 3247181

5. Because he’s a true family man.

ID: 3248807

6. Because he enjoys paying tribute to Colombia’s famed marimonda.

ID: 3246663

7. And he’s a personal friend of Suso.

ID: 3247570

8. Because he has some very famous fans.

¡¡Pasamos a cuartos!! James, un gracias enorme!! ¡Hasta hoy de lo mejor del Mundial! ¡¡¡Ospina, sencillamente espectacular!!! Shak #COL

— Shakira (@shakira)
ID: 3248834
ID: 3248836

9. Because his selfie game is on point.

ID: 3247329

10. Whether it’s in the gym.

ID: 3247210

11. With his teammates.

ID: 3246657

12. Or when he’s taking a quick dip.

ID: 3247125

13. Because he’s also extremely devoted to his younger fans.

Es muy lindo compartir con los niños de la Fundación @col_somostodos, entregarles sus regalos y recibir su cariño

— James Rodríguez (@jamesdrodriguez)
ID: 3247168

14. He visits them in hospitals.

ID: 3247418

15. Always poses for photo ops.

ID: 3247356

16. And he loves giving them memorabilia.

Humildad Ante Todo @jamesdrodriguez @danielaysalome

— ⑬ Paradise (@Belkis__10)
ID: 3247118

17. Because he can rock the dapper look.

ID: 3247457

18. Or the throwback stash.

ID: 3247119

19. Because even famous Colombian footballer Carlos Valderrama is a fan.

ID: 3247124

20. And former goalkeeper Rene Higuita.

ID: 3247117

Yes, “El Loco.”

ID: 3247156

21. Because his fan art is awesome.

ID: 3247460

22. Because he’s really excited about his first World Cup.

ID: 3247573

23. Because he’s really, really popular right now.

King James rules the world. #GoogleTrends

— A Googler (@google)
ID: 3246713

24. Because he’s been doing it big since he was a kid.

Les dejo otra foto de la Pony, grandes recuerdos, apenas para la Navidad.

— James Rodríguez (@jamesdrodriguez)
ID: 3247212

25. Most importantly, because he is leading a team that is even better than the famed 1994 squad.

Shaun Botterill / Getty
ID: 3247610

The current 2014 team is the first ever to make it to quarter-finals, making history.

James Rodriguez / Getty Images
ID: 3248342

So, if you’re not a fan yet be sure to remember his name.

Christopher Lee / Getty
ID: 3247218

Because you’ll be dancing to it later.

ID: 3247237

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