27 People Who You Wish You Could Work Out With

Things are “working out” just fine.

1. This guy that rocks gym-appropriate footwear.

2. This avid reader.

3. This safety-conscious person.

4. This gentleman with his portable music player.

5. This guy who has excellent form.

6. Along with his friend who’s also a form master.

7. This yoga mat user.

8. Whoever takes advantage of this promotion.

9. Anyone who wears heels while squatting…

11. This dude.

12. This guy who brings his work with him.

13. And this laptop user.

14. This pizza lover.

15. This exercise equipment expert.

Please stop whatever you're doing. #GymFail


16. Along with this one.

17. Everybody that wears skin-tight jeans.

18. This guy who has found the right pace.

19. This innovator.

The best part is the lifting gloves #gymfail #facepalm

— Michael Gilligan (@Mtgilligan)

20. Anyone who uses this escalator.

21. Whoever drank this post-workout drink.

#onlyatplanetfitness i cant wait to cancel my membership

— Perry (@PerryHill15)

22. Anyone who rocks a sweater vest.

23. This froyo lover.

24. This photoshop master.

25. This lady who chose the easy path.

26. This pilates master.

27. This lady who gives zero fucks.

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