26 Things You Will Only See In Los Angeles

“Does this place have valet for bikes?”

1. A 24-hour taco delivery service.

2. Having this valet option.

3. Tropical cellphone towers.

4. This high-class towing scene.

5. Clothing optional cleaning services.

6. This entire situation.

7. Specialty parking spaces.

8. Pampered iguanas.

"Fifteen minutes can save you 15% or more on your car insurance" Met some lizards chillin on some couches.#onlyinLA

— ashleyczhang (@Ashley Zhang)

9. These killer “deals.”

10. Mannequins with “generous” proportions.

11. Chronically red traffic maps.

You’re not going anywhere.

12. This easy rider.

13. Stormtroopers hiking in Runyon Canyon.


14. A Mercedes Benz as a learner’s vehicle.

15. Suggestive billborts.

16. Acting jobs for any animal body type.

17. Cryptic parking signs.

18. Sweet, classic rides.

19. This unique exercise option.

20. A clever alternative to Redbox.

Don’t forget the free wi-fi.

21. This unique institution of higher learning.

22. A “murdered out” Prius with family stickers on the back.

23. The leafiest map you’ll ever see.

24. Canine go-go dancers.

25. Angelyne.

26. And of course, this inspirational graffiti.

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