Metalachi Is The Best Heavy Metal Mariachi Band You’ll Ever Hear

Sure, they’re probably the only one… but still!

1. Metalachi is a group from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. They are the world’s first and only heavy metal Mariachi band.

2. They cover heavy metal songs and incorporate traditional mariachi musical instruments such as the trumpet, violin, guitarrón, vihuela, and the cowbell.

3. You heard right — the cowbell.

4. They are amazing live.

5. Here they are playing Ozzy Ozzborne’s “Crazy Train.”

6. And they take their fashion cues from metal bands of the past, like Judas Priest.

7. Trumpeter El Cucuy dresses like a member of Kiss.

8. They even have a loyal fandom that dresses up to shows.

9. Oh, and their selfie game is on point.

10. In short these guys are awesome.

11. They’re pretty much the shit.

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