24 Incredible Examples Of Mexican Ingenuity

Who says you can’t make something out of nothing?

1. These men in their wheelbarrow recliners.

ID: 2937214

2. This DIY home security system.

ID: 2933110

3. This extended camper.

ID: 2933119

4. This minimalist surfboard.

ID: 2937113

5. This slick moving van.

ID: 2933263

6. This Spartan style gym.

@david_vitonica El curro de los espartanos era el gym!! jajaja Mira, aquí tengo una réplica de un gimnasio espartano XD

— Gimnasioparatodos.es (@GymParaTodos)
ID: 2945424

7. Along with this DIY pull up bar.

ID: 2933267

8. This Beyonce themed rotiseria.

#UnTTdeOdioPara los pollos más nacos del mundo los pollos beyonce

— Alan_biebss (@Alan_biebss)
ID: 2933416

9. This burro mobile audio system.

ID: 2937863

10. This improvised baby carriage.

ID: 2933219

11. This clever method for concealing alcohol.

Como ocultar la cerveza. RT si lo quieres.

— FAILS De Fiesta (@FailsDeFiesta)
ID: 2943478

12. This bicycle wheel sewing spindle.

ID: 2937121

13. This well known torta chain.

ID: 2939796

14. This iHome dock.

Mexicans be like.. #mexicanproblems #mexicans #mexicansbelike #mexico #Vicente #wtfmexicans #mexicanprobs #hispanic

— Jay Mendoza (@MrJayMendoza)
ID: 2939799

15. This grill a la cart.

ID: 2937135

16. This sandwich stop.

Its not subway foo. Its........ #wtfmexicans

— Jay Mendoza (@MrJayMendoza)
ID: 2939798

17. This multi-use kiddie pool.

Para esta temporada de calor no hay como las piscinas elegantes y casuales.

— Naconymous (@iQueNaco)
ID: 2945254

18. This Tapatio adjustment.

ID: 2938095

19. This tire swing.

ID: 2942187

20. This amazing under the hood grill.

ID: 2937152

21. This clever way to carry groceries.

Que carrito, ni que la chingada.

— QuiuboSoyMariee (@SoyMariieeh)
ID: 2945517

22. This two seater dirt bike.

ID: 2937252

23. This fashion inspired taco stand.

Tacos "Tacoste" Jajajaja #YEstanBuenos

— Juan A Tapia (@Aashiorty)
ID: 2938992

24. This improvised car jack.

ID: 2939092

Yup, when it comes to ingenuity where there’s a will, there’s always a way.

Daniel Ernst/Daniel Ernst
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