25 Experiences You Had Growing Up In A Mexican Neighborhood

Where street tacos have always been served on the street.

1. You played soccer in the street for hours on end.

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2. And your feet paid the price for it.

ID: 3442871

3. At least one person you knew owned chickens or gallos.

ID: 3443023

4. When El Paletero came ringing you went running.

ID: 3418804

5. Even though his treats sometimes gave you raspado mouth.

ID: 3436864

6. You drank from the manguera when you had to.

And it tasted just like a manguera.

ID: 3418809

7. You had a go-to corner store you shopped at regularly.

ID: 3436928

8. Where you got treats both sweet…

ID: 3442962

9. … And sour.

ID: 3444273

10. Almost everyone you knew had a nickname.

ID: 3443810

11. And when you called them, whistling was an acceptable form of communication.

ID: 3435871

12. A lot of houses on your block were pastel colored.

ID: 3436920

13. And everyone who had pets made sure they stayed outside.

ID: 3436820

14. You always had access to amazing fruit stands.

ID: 3443374

15. And you cooled off with aguas frescas.

ID: 3435560

16. Everywhere you went you saw Catholic relics.

ID: 3443588

17. Literally everywhere.

ID: 3443657

18. At one point you’ve gone to a panderia with $4 and left with 20 items.

ID: 3436933

19. You’ve also paid less than a dollar to get some quality elote.

ID: 3418922

20. You knew someone who always parked their car on the grass.

ID: 3443044

21. Along with somebody who watched TV outside.

ID: 3443392

22. You ate tacos at taco trucks way before they were “hip.”

ID: 3443666

23. And of course you washed those tacos down with a Mexican Coke.

ID: 3443825

24. You’ve had to use a Casa de Cambio to change pesos to dollars on at least one occasion.

ID: 3443702

25. And of course you knew at least one person who wanted to be a cholo.

ID: 3443776

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