36 Nature Photos That Prove Texas Is Not Just Tumbleweeds

It’s a whole other world, y’all.

1. To all the people that assume Texas is a desert wasteland. How many deserts look like this?


Seguin, TX

ID: 3103189

2. Or have natural pools like this?

Flickr: dawilson277853398 / Creative Commons

Dripping Springs, Texas

ID: 3103197

3. As for being dry? Much of Texas is the opposite of that.


Uncertain, Texas

ID: 3103223

4. It has everything from flowing streams…

Flickr: jimnix / Creative Commons

Gruene, Texas

ID: 3116826

5. To scenic rivers…

Flickr: bobdees / Creative Commons

San Marcos, TX

ID: 3117686

6. To captivating waterfalls…

Flickr: mcalderon / Creative Commons

McKinney State Park
Austin, TX

ID: 3113622

7. And massive city lakes.



ID: 3103127

8. Even the swamps are pretty.

Uncertain, TX

ID: 3119506

9. Nothing beats a sunrise in the bayou.


Needville, TX

ID: 3113833

10. Or the wildlife.

Flickr: sarowen / Creative Commons

Damon, TX

ID: 3113818

11. Contrary to popular belief Texas is not flat either: It has enormous rocks.

Flickr: cvreeland / Creative Commons

Enchanted Rock, TX

ID: 3113787

12. Along with deep cutting canyons.


Big Bend, TX

ID: 3117262

13. Photo worthy mountaintop sunsets.


Big Bend, TX

ID: 3104592

14. The views are worth the climb.

Big Bend, TX

ID: 3117814

15. Only in Texas will you find amazing colonies of bats aboveground.

Flickr: shewhopaints / Creative Commons

Ausitn, TX

ID: 3113902

16. And vast beauty below.


San Antonio,TX

ID: 3104531

17. People say the state doesn’t have seasons. They couldn’t be more wrong.


Vanderpool, TX

ID: 3104559

18. It has colorful foliage in fall.

Wichita Falls, TX

ID: 3117201

19. Long covered walking trails in the spring.

Flickr: danielray / Creative Commons

Needville, TX

ID: 3113887

20. Beautiful swimming holes to cool yourself off in the summer.

Flickr: paddymurphy / Creative Commons

Wimberley, TX

ID: 3104595

21. And every once in a while a mysterious white powder falls from the skies in the winter.

Flickr: stevenm_61 / Creative Commons

North Richland Hills, TX

ID: 3113677

22. Fog is not just something you see in London — Texas has its fair share of mystic haze.

Flickr: dawilson / Creative Commons

Austin, TX

ID: 3113718

23. Along with epic storms.

Flickr: carenmack / Creative Commons

Dallas, TX

ID: 3113681



Vega, TX

ID: 3113708

25. Don’t forget about the 367 miles of coastline.

Flickr: chemisti / Creative Commons

Port Aransas, TX

ID: 3117737

26. You can catch an amazing sunset.


Seabrook, TX

ID: 3113915

27. Have a light house show you the way.

Flickr: revjim / Creative Commons

Point Bolivar, Texas

ID: 3116954

28. Remember, nothing comes close to the beauty of the coast.


Galveston, TX

ID: 3104598

29. Oh, Texas has deserts too, and they’re awesome.

Flickr: smreilly / Creative Commons

Chihuahuan Desert, Texas

ID: 3113714

30. They have their own version of wildlife.

ID: 3119296

31. And select pieces of high end art.

Flickr: lifeontheedge / Creative Commons

Marfa, TX

ID: 3119935

32. The Lone Star State is known for its rolling plains.

Silverton, TX

ID: 3113853

33. With amber waves of grain.

Flickr: amarilloposters / Creative Commons

Vega, Texas

ID: 3118828

34. Where nothing goes to waste.

Flickr: fpat / Creative Commons

Amarillo, TX

ID: 3117096

35. Few things match the beauty of a Texas evening.

Flickr: jeffwspencer / Creative Commons

Lago Vista, TX

ID: 3117141

36. The stars at night truly are big and bright.

Flickr: paulnich / Creative Commons

Gillispie, TX

ID: 3117975

So wherever your travels may take you.

Flickr: jmtimages / Creative Commons

Mason County, TX

ID: 3117238

Hopefully, one day they’ll lead you here.

Flickr: justinjensen / Creative Commons

Austin, TX

ID: 3119999

God Bless Texas!

Flickr: sarowen / Creative Commons
ID: 3113752

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