“Once Upon A Time” Unveils Its “Frozen” Cast

ABC released the first official photos from Season 4, featuring Frozen’s Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven! Update: Now you can see Anna too!


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ABC’s Once Upon a Time will get Frozen this September when characters inspired by the Oscar-winning Disney film arrive in Storybrooke, and the network has today revealed six new photos from the fourth season premiere, titled “A Tale of Two Sisters.”

Anna is played by Fringe alum Georgina Haig, while Kristoff is played by Greek’s Scott Michael Foster. (Anna, who is not featured in the images, is played by newcomer Elizabeth Lail.)

While the OUAT creators have been very tight-lipped about how the Frozen foursome (yes, we’re counting Sven the reindeer) fit into the ABC drama, a clip from the premiere episode that screened at San Diego Comic-Con featured Elsa telling Anna, “I have a wedding present for you,” while standing at their parents’ graves.

It looks like a lavish celebration is on the horizon. Although, given that no one has truly received a “Happily Ever After” yet on this show, one never knows…

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Kristoff doesn’t have long hair. Why doesn’t Kristoff have long hair?


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That braid is on point!


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Like, seriously on point.


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Wardrobes and Once Upon a Time historically don’t mix, so this should be interesting!


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UPDATE: Two additional photos have been released giving the world its first look at Anna!

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This casting could not be more perfect.

ABC/Katie Yu

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Season 4 of Once Upon a Time premieres Sunday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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