22 Things Everyone Who Is Deathly Afraid Of Clowns Understands

There is not a single clown photo in this post. This is a safe space.

1. You are very wary of accepting invitations to children’s birthday parties.

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2. You have to be repeatedly assured, in no uncertain terms, that there will not be clowns at the party.

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3. Even once you’re told clowns won’t be attending, you dread every second, assuming a clown will still show up.

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4. When the inevitable happens, and a clown does show up, children and the elderly are considered suitable weapons to defend yourself.

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5. When clowns make kids cry, you think, They get it.

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6. You can’t fathom why any parent would intentionally expose their child to a clown.

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7. In fact, you don’t understand why everyone seems to think this is a normal profession for grown adults to have.

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8. You hate Halloween because there’s always a dozen people dressed as clowns.

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9. And seeing a lot of clowns casually walking around town is your greatest nightmare.

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10. That’s a lie. Being the only normal person in a city populated only by clowns is your greatest nightmare.

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11. You’re now devising ways to bomb Clown City.

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12. John Wayne Gacy is all the proof you need that every clown has homicidal tendencies.

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13. It doesn’t surprise you when a clown is arrested for murder.

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14. You’re actually surprised more clowns aren’t arrested for murder.

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15. A small part of you believes clown shoes are so big because they’re concealing weapons.

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16. Or ether-soaked rags.

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17. The only thing more terrifying than a clown’s smile is a clown’s laugh.

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18. The only thing more terrifying than a clown’s laugh is a clown touching you.

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19. If a clown touches you, every ounce of maturity and decorum flees your body as you shriek and run as fast as humanly possible in the other direction.

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20. You could win an Olympic gold medal in sprinting if a clown was chasing you.

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21. You’re now thinking about clowns chasing you.

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22. And you’ll have nightmares for a month.

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