33 Things To Remember From The "Orphan Black" Season 1 Finale

Before the Season 2 premiere on April 19, here’s a refresher on where we left off with all of the clones.

1. After her miraculous — perhaps too miraculous — recovery from a hit-and-run, young Kira (Skyler Wexler) is resting comfortably as her mother Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) plots her next move.

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2. Downstairs, Sarah’s confronted by her two mothers: the one who raised her, Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy), and the one who was artificially implanted by scientists, Amelia (Melanie Nicholls-King).

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Further downstairs is a tied-up Helena (Maslany), Sarah’s unstable twin sister, who she “saved” from Tomas (Daniel Kash), the deranged man who raised Helena to be an assassin. Sarah says Helena’s reaction to meeting their mother will “determine what we do with her.”

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3. Before the big introduction, Helena overhears Amelia ask Sarah if they can meet in private to discuss Mrs. S.

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4. Meanwhile, upstairs, Mrs. S goes through Amelia’s things and discovers this photo.

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But before she can steal it, Kira interrupts with a foreboding warning: “I think something bad is going to happen again.” Yeah, so do we, kid.

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5. Back in the basement, Helena meets her birth mother, is told that Sarah is her twin “sestra,” and that she is born from science, not, as Tomas told her, an immaculate womb.

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That’s a lot of information for one unstable person to handle.

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6. The family reunion is interrupted by Detective Art Bell (Kevin Hanchard), who arrests Sarah after learning she’s been posing as his former partner Beth Childs (Maslany) and derailing the investigation since Day 1.

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7. While that happens, Helena escapes.

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Cardio break.

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8. Dr. Aldous Leekie (Matt Frewer), the man behind this cloning experiment, pays Alison Hendrix (Maslany) a visit and offers her a way out: a life free from monitoring, financial security, and total independence for her family in exchange for a few routine medical examinations every year.

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9. Cosima Niehaus (Maslany) discovers she, like many clones before her, is gravely ill.

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10. Sarah, fed up with the lie she’s been living — and the danger she’s unwittingly dragged her daughter into — begins to tell Art the entire story when they’re interrupted by Daniel Rosen (Matthew Bennett), a Leekie lacky, who frees Sarah.

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11. Meanwhile, Leekie presents Cosima with the same deal he presented to Alison. He also appeals to her scientific mind (Cosima is an evolutionary biologist) by handing over all her genetic material and offering her a job studying clones full-time.

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12. Sarah arrives at Leekie’s building to discover Paul Dierden (Dylan Bruce), the man she slept with while masquerading as Beth, but also came to care for. When asked why he’s working for Leekie, he says, “They still have Afghanistan on me.”

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13. Sarah walks to meet Leekie, but is instead confronted by Rachel Duncan — another clone! Rachel offers Sarah the same deal of controlled freedom and uses Kira’s safety as a manipulation tool.

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14. Clone pow-wow. The girls discuss the deals and Alison is inclined to accept it. But while Cosima and Sarah also see benefits, they’re extremely wary of working with the people who carelessly created them.

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This scene also illustrates how incredible Orphan Black’s special effects team is.

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15. The next day, Alison discovers her neighbor Aynsley (Natalie Lisinska) is moving. Believing Aynsley to be her monitor, Alison begs her to tell the truth when things go very, very badly.

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Aynsley’s being slowly strangled after her scarf gets accidentally pulled into the garbage disposal.

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Alison initially runs to turn it off, but changes her mind to eliminate the biggest threat to her family’s safety: monitoring.

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16. Meanwhile, Art and Detective Deangelis (Inga Cadranel) continue to investigate Sarah Manning when they discover a known associate: Vic (Michael Mando).

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They follow Sarah’s abusive ex-boyfriend to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting and, when they threaten him with imprisonment, Vic thinks he’s flipping on Sarah, but is actually sending the cops straight to Alison.

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17. They discover another woman with the same face.

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18. Sarah heads out to meet Amelia, leaving Kira with Mrs. S, who tells Sarah not to trust Amelia.

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19. Delphine Cormier (Evelyne Brochu) shows up at Felix’s (Jordan Gavaris) apartment to make amends with Cosima, who discovered Delphine was working for Leekie. Felix “gets it.”

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Delphine warns Cosima not to trust Leekie, and apologizes for violating her trust. Initially wary of letting Delphine back in, it’s clear Cosima still deeply cares for her ex-lover. Plus, she needs a sounding board for her DNA investigation. Cosima believes their genetic material to be watermarked.

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20. Amelia shows up at Beth’s apartment, where she’s supposed to meet Sarah, only to discover a wig-clad Helena, and a big ol’ knife in her stomach.

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“I must warn you, Sarah. Your foster mother, Mrs. S, is not who she says she is. I have something you should see,” Amelia says. But before Amelia can hand over — and explain — the photo, Helena stabs her in the stomach.

“You gave me to them. You let them make me this way,” a crazy-eyed Helena says as Amelia bleeds out in horror.

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21. Alison, mentally spiraling out of control after letting Aynsley die, finds unexpected comfort in her estranged husband Donnie (Kristian Bruun), who vows to change his underwhelming ways and wants them to start from scratch.

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22. A phone call from Helena brings Sarah to an abandoned warehouse where Amelia, near death, hands over the photo.

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Sarah flips it over to see the doctors’ names redacted, but something called Project LEDA, and a date, have been left unobscured. Before she can get answers, the person Sarah has been dreaming of her whole life dies in front of her.

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23. Helena and Sarah fight. Sarah pulls a gun, but Helena believes Sarah is incapable of killing her because “we’re family.”

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She’s wrong.

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“I already have a family,” Sarah says as she shoots Helena once in the stomach.

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24. Delphine remembers Cosima’s ID tag and (through some techno mumbo jumbo) they discover her genetic material is actually concealing binary code.

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25. Surrounded by death, Sarah calls Rachel and agrees to sign the contract if it means Kira can be saved from this life of destruction.

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26. Alison, who has signed and faxed the contract to Rachel, notices that the police have discovered Aynsley’s dead body.

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27. Sarah is greeted by Paul as she arrives at Rachel’s office.

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He reveals that during his time in Afghanistan, he accidentally killed six marines and Leekie covered it up. “That’s what they have on me,” he says, adding that since Sarah was born outside Leekie’s control, he doesn’t have any real control over her unless she allows him to.

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28. Cosima has cracked the code and calls Sarah to say their DNA tags are actually patents, and that all the clones are Leekie’s property, meaning he owns them — and could claim Kira.

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29. Sarah abandons her plan and sends an “up yours, proclone” email to Rachel. She phones a mysterious third party and says, “You know what to do.”

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30. Under the guise of going for a jog, Donnie is revealed to be Alison’s real monitor, and tells Leekie their plan is back on track.

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31. Overwhelmed by her discovery and Delphine’s ignorance of what was truly happening Cosima reveals she is sick and falls into her arms.

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32. Sarah returns home to flee with Kira, but discovers a ransacked house and an open window, and screams out into the cold night air for her missing daughter.

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Did Mrs. S take Kira? Is she working for Rachel? What is Leekie’s ultimate clone goal? We will see!

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Orphan Black Season 2 premieres on Saturday, April 19, at 9 p.m. on BBC America. Watch a preview here:

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