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    • Jane

      ASOS definitely does, as does Nordstrom. I love ASOS; really great customer service, good product, plenty of different price points to choose from, lovely accessories, and the sales are always good.  My only real complaint would be that sizing can be a little wonky. But again, great customer service so I’ve never had a problem and there’ve even been times when they give me bonus discounts for being inconvenienced. (The most surprising was when they sent me an email apologizing for sending my package “late” and gave me a 15% off code. I say “late” because my order confirmation email had said it’d be shipped in something like 3-4 days, but it ended up being shipped the exact same day I ordered. But cool, I’ll take the discount. Just stop being so hard yourselves, ASOS; you can’t ship an order before I’ve made it! :D)

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