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    • Jane

      The glasses are pretty dorky in a cute way, but THAT HAIR, THOUGH. Honey, no. You have long, gorgeous locks. Don’t pin them into some weird pancake. What is that? Seriously, that the hell is that supposed to be? But then I also flip out when I see girls walk around with random bobby pins jabbed at their hairline. What is that about it? What three stray hairs is that bobby pin holding back that are so crucial to your present activity? If Kristen wants some hair off her face for comfort reasons or just to make working at a computer easier, I know some stylish ways to do that! None of them will lead to Hair Pancake Syndrome, but they will lead to compliments, a couple may lead to sillier people calling you Khaleesi, and all of them are super easy, take about five minutes to do, and even look better with slightly dirty hair and a spritz of dry shampoo. Seriously. Let’s do this. Slumber party braiding time :D

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