18 Signs You’re Studying Journalism

Because “to write or not to write” has never been the question.

1. 1. Sometimes, you just hate journalism. You hate everything about it.

But you keep writing.
And writing.
And writing.
And writing.

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2. 2. When someone makes a comment that “journalism” is an “easy” major, your earrings come off.

Or you furiously tweet about it.

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3. 3. If someone mentions they don’t have a Twitter, you get this strange feeling in your stomach that they are somehow facing imminent death.

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4. 4. Your mornings are spent slurping coffee and screaming/murmuring at your email.

Because that guy you were supposed to interview for such and such class has canceled yet again and you’re stuck rescheduling your entire life, while also questioning whether you can do this for the rest of forever.

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5. 5. You swear you use your AP Style Book, but you’ve never touched it.

It sits in a drawer in your desk.

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6. 6.When someone complains about writing a first-person narrative, four-page paper in his/her Cultures Across the World class, you feel no sympathy.

You actually dream about that homework.

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7. 7. The word “math” makes you squirm.

Or sob.

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8. 8. You know everything about everything that goes in your city. You know the best coffee shops, the best music venues, the best free events, the best nightclubs, the best places to protest, etc.

It feels good to be a gangsta.

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9. 9. You have an unhealthy infatuation with New York.

All of your dreams are set within the confines of an office overlooking the NYC skyline.

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10. 10. Your friends always ask you to edit their papers for class, because your writing is just “so good.”

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11. 11. You think that everyone is doing better than you. Everyone does so much MORE.

No success for you.

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12. 12. Despite your mother’s warnings, talking to strangers has become a huge part of your life.

Interviews. Always.

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13. 13. You are overcome with guilt when you don’t read the newspaper in the morning.

Bad journalist. Bad.

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14. 14. The news organization you’ve joined on campus eerily reminds you of Mean Girls.

You feel very exclusive, however.

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15. 15. Your Klout score is on point.

And no one can take that away from you.

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16. 16. When someone says journalism has died, you have one reaction.

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17. 17. A potential significant other ruins his/her chances if they misuse your, you’re, their, they’re or there.

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18. 18. All of these symptoms have applied to you.

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