16 Things Only People With Unique Names Will Understand

What’s in a name? Anxiety and anger issues if you fit into this category.

1. You have a mild panic attack when a restaurant hostess asks for your name.

Every. Time.

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2. You immediately raise your hand as soon as there is a pause in roll call.

The silence where the instructor is trying to sound it out becomes your name.

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3. You still get birthday cards from your extended family with your name spelled wrong.

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Really? Yes, every year.

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4. People on Facebook continuously spell your name wrong even when it is listed mere inches from the comment box.

Seriously people? WTF.

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5. People actually ask you if you are a foreigner.

There is no reason to ask this question. Ever.

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6. When giving your name, you just automatically spell it out of habit.

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7. You repeatedly get asked why your parents gave you “that name.”

Because they didn’t know I would be answering stupid questions about it the rest of my life. Sigh.

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8. Literally 95% of your mail is spelled wrong.

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9. You’ve had to redo, reapply or resubmitt official documents because your name is spelled wrong.

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More than once.

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10. You take extra care to spell people’s names right and take it personally when others do not.

Just once people.

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11. It actually makes your day when a stranger pronounces your name correctly.

Fox / Via nymag.com

Somebody does care!

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12. People actually question if you have misspelled your own name.

Universal Pictures / Via perezhilton.com

Let me think back… um no.

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13. Name tags give you nightmares.

Fox / Via funnyjunk.com

Especially if you can’t write your own name. The horror.

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14. When wearing said nametag people still call you “hey you!”

I can’t hear you… la la la.

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15. You have given up correcting people, but you keep a running list and misspell their name at the next opportunity.

Universal Pictures / Via curiousmontana.tumblr.com

You’ve been invited Pjennifer!

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16. You will never name your children, dogs, fish or stuffed animals anything weird.

You don’t need that kind of confusion in your life.

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