The 16 Most Annoying People On The London Underground

If commuting wasn’t bad enough, try taking the underground with these guys.

1. 1. The Sleeper.

ID: 991128

2. At least find something else to lean on…

Via http://@SleepyCommuters
ID: 1002393

3. 2. The Barefooter.

Really? If it wasn’t bad enough going foot commando, you are gonna put it up on the pole too?

Mike Ha / Via
ID: 991082

4. 3. The Squeezer.

That one guy whose life is so incredibly important, waiting an extra 2 minutes is completely out of the question. He is getting on.

ID: 994121

5. 4. The Intoxicated.

If you are travelling on the last train home, you are gonna have a bad time.

Alexander Luck / Via
ID: 1002352

6. Like this guy:

@Lady_Skivington / Via
ID: 1002421

7. 5. The Seat Hogger.

One for me, one for my coat.

ID: 1002332

8. 6. Oh, and the feet on seat guy too:

ID: 1002482

9. 7. The Selfish Leaner.

That’s okay, you just rest your cheeks on that pole why I struggle for balance over here.

MedEighty / Via Flickr: medeighty
ID: 1002562

10. 8. The Pole Climber.

Zoe Cormier / Via
ID: 1002362

11. 9. The Impatient Boarder.

You know that announcement ‘please let passengers off the train first’? Yeah, do that.

ID: 1002372

12. 10. The Fast Food Muncher.

I understand that people have got to eat, but does it really have to be a Kebab during rush hour?

ID: 1002377

13. 11. The Underdressed.

Dude, trousers!

ID: 1002395

14. 12. The Fancily Dressed.

ID: 1002490

15. 13. The Crazy.

dorli pereira dos santos Pereira / Via
ID: 1002530

16. 14. The One Blaring Music.

Oh, and don’t even think about playing something straight from your phone.

ID: 1002426

17. 15. The Carriage Busker.

ID: 1002428

18. Unless you are going to do this:

ButtonZoo / Via
ID: 1002500

19. 16. The Overly Affectionate Couple.

Let’s try and keep the PDA at home, OK?

krisbo_ / Via
ID: 1002477

20. But then again, you could always meet Mr. Right?

David Chant / Via
ID: 1002347

21. And remember, the Queen could always be on the next carriage:

ID: 1002437

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