Crazy Eyes And Taystee Made The Cutest Christmas Music Video

Red and green swiiiiiiirl.

Danielle Brooks and Uzo Aduba — known to fans of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black as Taystee and Crazy Eyes respectively — teamed up with Brooklyn-based band Oh Honey to create some beautiful Christmas music together.

BuzzFeed has the exclusive premiere of their “Jolly Christmas Medley” video, where Danielle takes the lead on “Jingle Bells” and “Joy to the World” and Uzo sings “Silent Night.” It’s a treat to see them out of their beige prison uniforms (and, in Uzo’s case, those Bantu knots), smiling, singing, and silly-stringing to raise awareness for a good cause: Artists Striving to End Poverty, to which they encourage fans to donate at the end of the video.

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Via Gabriel Long
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3. It’s basically the perfect way to kick off the holiday season…

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4. Because Danielle bedazzles Uzo with some Christmas lights.

Gabriel Long
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5. And then Crazy Eyes does this:

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6. And she’s got the tongue move down.

Gabriel Long

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7. Ummmmm… hello, Danielle’s dimples.

Gabriel Long

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8. Yes, this is basically Uzo winking at you.

Gabriel Long
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9. No one rocks hipster sunglasses like Danielle.

Gabriel Long
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10. Even Uzo just can’t get over her.

Gabriel Long
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11. They clearly have such an amazing time together.

Gabriel Long

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12. This may be the best Christmas stoop party ever.

Gabriel Long
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13. Faux snow!

Gabriel Long
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Gabriel Long
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15. Danielle does a classic Beyonce move.

Gabriel Long
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Gabriel Long
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17. They are clearly the cutest rock ‘n’ rollers of all time.

Gabriel Long
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Gabriel Long
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