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    • jadeba thinks "Yo" is Cute  about a year ago
    • jadeba

      I don’t understand the outrage. This kid looks so “normal” knowing what he was like inside that “normal” appearance can only enlighten anyone who reads the article. Yes, the cover is what attracts people but Rolling Stone isn’t only a rock music publication. Matt Taibbi and others have written great articles, politics, society, culture. I don’t see the act as making him a “star” in any way. And, it’s a funny statement on the state of “stardom”. We live in a world where people who do nothing are “stars” - the idiot Kardashians, look at the covers they’re on. Putting them on the cover sends a more destructive and wrong message to the impressionable - the message that you can be a totally useless human being and get attention. Putting the bomber on the cover of this publication might not have been so very wise, but I’m sure people will read it and think about this kid and how easily someone like him - so “normal” - can engage in horrific acts of violence. Our society judges people on what they look like, pretty, homely, black, white, whatever and more often than not, people are judged by only that standard. He’s an attractive kid on the outside, the darkness lies within. And, I’m not thinking of anything having to do with his faith. There is a lesson here.