The Kardashian Drinking Game

To be played while watching any and all of the Kardashian shows.

1. DRINK WHEN: They say something is “rude” or “disrespectful”:

ID: 1064028

2. Scott or anyone refers to him as “Lord Disick”:

ID: 1064032

3. When things get weird with Rob & Scott:

if things get weird with Rob & Lamar…take a shot

ID: 1064038

4. When Kris Jenner shows favoritism towards Kim:

finish your drink if Khloe or Kourtney points it out

ID: 1064046

5. When one sister is fighting with another:

chug for 10 seconds if its 2 sisters vs 1!

ID: 1064053

6. When the episode gets all emotional:

ID: 1064056

7. When they Instagram:

Finish your drink & take a shot if you liked it

ID: 1064072

8. When Kourtney gives birth:

ID: 1064076

9. When Mason Does something adorable:


ID: 1064078

10. When anyone on the show tries to truly express themselves:

Chug for 10 seconds if they were able to do it without saying “like”

ID: 1064081

11. When the classic “Kim’s ugly crying face” resurfaces:

ID: 1064083

12. When Kourtney & Scott share a romantic moment:

shots for everyone who is blessed to have a love like this

ID: 1064104

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