Attempting Inbox Zero As Told Through “Ninja Gaiden” GIFs

Cutting through my emails like katanas cut through warm butter.

1. My epic journey began late last night after work, with an inbox bursting full of not-yet-answered emails, delayed tasks, and uncompleted drafts.

2. But after only an hour of work, I had my inbox down to 25 emails and was really hitting my stride.

3. Sadly… pride cometh before the fall.

With 15 emails left, I was at the hot burning core of my ignored inbox. These were the emails that demanded the most from me. Work memos, event planning, that happy birthday e-card I’d been meaning to send my ma.

4. Two whole hours passed and I only made it through five more emails. My inbox was winning.

5. But wait! Encouragement came in the form of a co-worker who was also up wasting time on Twitter— I mean trying to go through work emails.

6. Alas, I was too proud to accept my co-worker’s kind words. The shame poured from my eyes.

7. Sensing weakness, my co-worker revealed her nefarious intentions, exposing herself as an agent of my evil inbox.

8. Thus perfectly ending the Ninja Gaiden Inbox Saga.

9. In conclusion, stay on top of your work emails, folks.

Nintendo / BuzzFeed

10. When I left the office, I discovered that my bike handles had been stolen.

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