15 Things Only People With A Horrible Tattoo Will Understand

No regrats!

1. Maybe it was the name of your one “true” love.

Isaac Fitzgerald
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2. Or maybe you said yes when your drunk buddy asked if he could give you a scratcher.

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3. No matter how it happened, though, you’ve got one and you know it. A bad tattoo.

Ok, this one’s actually kind of awesome, but you get the idea.

ID: 3188291

4. At first, you were probably into it.

Check it out!

ID: 3188334

5. But slowly it started to dawn on you…

ID: 3188403

6. …that you might’ve made a terrible mistake.

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7. Maybe you just aren’t that into the things you used to be into.

ID: 3188528

8. Or maybe the tattoo didn’t have that much meaning in the first place.

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9. Either way, you’re starting to have some regerts.

ID: 3188676

10. I mean, it ain’t always best to wear our desires on our sleeves.

Or necks, as the case may be.

ID: 3188693

11. But does having a bad tattoo make you an asshole?

ID: 3188757

12. No, only being an asshole can make you an asshole.

ID: 3188608

13. So you got some bad ink. So what?

ID: 3188803

14. Not giving a fuck is part of what tattoos are all about.

ID: 3188819

15. So, whether you leave your tattoo untouched, because you understand that making mistakes is part of life…

Be chill, like this dolphin smoking a bong on its favorite La-Z-Boy.

ID: 3188726

…or you decided to get a bitchin’ cover-up…

ID: 3188710

Remember: You and your bad tattoo are beautiful.

ID: 3187871

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