23 Things Only People Who Made It Out Of Their Hometown Will Understand

See ya, suckers.

1. The moment you realize you’re actually going to do it.

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2. Because anywhere but here will do.

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3. So you pack up all your things.

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4. And burn what you can’t take with you.

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5. Because you are finally putting it all behind you and never coming back.

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6. This is the start of your new life.

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7. And sure, moving to a new place can be hard.

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8. But all the job hunting.

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9. And apartment hunting.

A two-year lease that promises my eternal soul if I paint the walls? Sure.

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10. And getting lost in this unfamiliar place.

Why can’t they just number the roads correctly, like they did back home?

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11. Will only make you stronger.

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12. And all those people who used to laugh at you?

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13. Well, you can barely remember what they look like now.

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14. Because you’re meeting new people.

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15. And making new friends.

“No new friends” is overrated.

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16. So while your Facebook feed is filling up with announcements of high school sweethearts getting engaged.

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17. And old friends getting pregnant.

Which, you know. Hooray?

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18. You’re having the time of your life.

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19. And sure, sometimes you might get nostalgic for home.

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20. Hell, you might even go back and visit.

ID: 3033335

21. And meet some of those babies you’ve been hearing so much about.

OK! Yes! They’re cute! We understand now!

ID: 3033313

22. But actually move back?

ID: 3033357

23. Never.

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