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  • 10 Sexiest Multiracial Women

    Has anyone noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to identify many actresses and models’ ethnicity? There was a time when advertisers went to great lengths to have an equal distribution of black, white, Asian and Hispanic, etc. Now there are moments when one can’t tell if they are looking at Shakira, Beyonce or Jessica Alba. Being ethnically ambiguous and/or exotic has tremendous appeal among the 25-year-old and younger demographic of Gen Y, the most diverse population in America’s history. It may be politically incorrect to state that multiracial people tend to be hotter than average, but hybrid vigor has to count for something! Look at these women and say otherwise

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  • Stage Crashers: Kanye West Vs. Lil Mama

    25gcxmb Leave it to the internet to be full of win. These pics are what have come out of all that fuckery at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Some of them are just plain wrong, but if laughing at them is wrong then we don’t want to be right…besides you’re bound to see it somewhere else anyway…

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  • Crew Members Pimp Slap Megan Fox in Open Letter

    Megan Fox has been saying some outrageous things in the media for some time now, including comparing director Michael Bay to Hitler. Now three crew members who’ve worked with Michael on the Transformers movies have posted an epically scathing letter about the super hot, but seemingly super bitchy Megan. They don’t hold back and it’s hilarious:

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  • Courtney Love Lying About Cobain’s Likeness in Guitar Hero

    Courtney Love, Cobain’s window and consistent source of tragic debauchery, has used Twitter this week to lash out about Cobain’s inclusion in the game, calling it vile and claiming she would sue the game’s publisher, Activision. According to Courtney she never gave approval for her late husband’s digital likeness and if her husband were alive he would despise being part of the corporate soulless landscape “let alone this avatar.”

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  • Man Who Hasn’t Showered Or Brushed His Teeth in 35 Years

    Kailash “Kalau” Singh attests that his pledge not to wash was a commitment to ‘national interest’, and he would end the vow only when all India’s problems end. However, Kalau’s hygiene regime has caused a local grocery store he used to own to close when customers stopped shopping there due to his ‘unhealthy personality’,

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