101 Glorious Moments From The Golden Age Of Cinema

A humble salute in GIFs.

3. When Gregory comforted.

5. When Vivien made an entrance.

6. When Charlie was giddy.

7. When Spencer faked it.

8. When Judy dared to dream.

9. When Brigitte strolled.

10. When Steve got ready.

11. When Sophia glanced up.

12. When Rock looked over.

13. When Lana danced in the dark.

14. When Fred danced upside down.

15. When Ginger danced backwards. And in high heels.

16. When Ingrid listened.

17. When Orson lit up.

18. When Bojangles took the stairs.

19. When Mary used the lift.

22. When Clark leaned.

23. When Vincent levitated.

25. When Maureen anointed.

26. When Marlene exhaled.

28. When Natalie felt pretty.

29. When Charlton raced.

32. When Marilyn said goodnight.

33. When Olivia dreamed.

35. When Dorothy scooted over.

36. When Alec collapsed.

41. When Frank faced his demons.

43. When Joan contemplated.

44. When Doris resisted.

45. When Louise peeked out.

46. When Audrey looked in.

47. When Barbara watched.

49. When Lon was unmasked.

50. When Veronica peek-a-booed.

51. When William saluted.

52. When Henry proved a point.

54. When Edward backed up.

55. When Laurence came forward.

56. When Burt dropped down.

58. When Hedy closed her eyes.

59. When Jean kicked back.

60. When Katharine cackled.

61. When Gary stood alone.

62. When Buster stood still.

63. When Jean was speechless.

65. When Anna May admired.

66. When Stan and Oliver waded.

67. When Peter let it slip.

68. When William threw shade.

69. When Robert grasped.

70. When Elizabeth paused.

71. When Carole showered off.

72. When Errol kept dry.

73. When Cary ran like hell.

74. When Shirley realized.

76. When Lillian put a smile on.

78. When Frederic came home.

79. When Gene got sleepy.

80. When Humphrey took a drink.

83. When Glenn moved in.

84. When Clint took aim.

85. When Dolores smacked.

86. When Sidney smacked back.

87. When James was on top.

88. When Montgomery mourned.

89. When Lauren smirked.

91. When Tony reached out.

92. When Norma reclined.

93. When Claudette hitched.

95. When Sean introduced himself.

96. When Bob was confused.

97. When Omar waved goodbye.

99. When the Brothers mirrored.

100. When Peter reflected.

101. And when Shirley took a bow.

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