A Day At The Mall In 2001

Don’t act like you never got kicked out of a Spencer’s…

1. School’s out for the day… What are you going to do now? Obvi, you’re going to go to the mall.

ID: 701002

2. Grab three of your friends! This is going to be fun.

ID: 700971

3. Let’s go to Yankee Candle and smell the candles!

ID: 700925

4. Almost asphyxiate on scented tarts! Let’s get out of here.

ID: 700927

5. Whew! You need to stop for a pretzel.

ID: 700931

6. Get the cinnamon sugar one, obviously.

ID: 700974

7. Dash into Bath & Body Works to stock up on more Sun-Ripened Raspberry lotion.

ID: 701005

8. Your friend wants to get a second hole pierced in her ears…

ID: 700934

9. You go to Claire’s instead, but your friend chickens out anyway.

ID: 700978

10. Time to giggle as you pass this one.

ID: 700936

11. Duck in here and stock up on some logo tees.

ID: 700937

12. You really want to get that Destiny’s Child CD. Better hit the music store.

ID: 700941

13. Consider finally springing for one of those CD openers next to the register, because those things are so flinging flanging hard to open.

ID: 701143

14. Your friend drags you into Spencer’s, even though you think it’s dumb.

ID: 700943

15. You almost buy a lava lamp.

ID: 700944

16. But you and your friends ROFL at the food section and almost get thrown out.

ID: 700982

17. Laugh at the people getting their hair done here, even though you did it four years ago and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

ID: 700986

18. Your one friend loves this place, so you all go in while he buys a “Beauty and the Beast” figurine.

ID: 700946

19. Ew, you can’t stand the smell wafting out of this store. WTF!

ID: 701145

20. Buy your prom date a pink button-down at Express Men, after your friends talk you into it.

ID: 700947

21. Make fun of 5.7.9….

ID: 700949

22. …and the tacky evening dresses in the window at Caché.

ID: 700951

23. Go into Godiva but don’t buy anything, annoying the salespeople.

ID: 700954

24. Your sister’s birthday is coming up. Stop and get her a silver box engraved with her name on it. (Be proud of how expensive it is!)

ID: 700981

25. Try on some crop tops here…

ID: 700956

26. Go in here laughing like you’re shopping there ironically, but secretly, you like their band T-shirts.

ID: 700959

27. Time to hit the food court!

ID: 700960

28. Head straight to person handing out free samples of bourbon chicken…

ID: 700965

29. See how many free samples on toothpicks you can get before she realizes you keep walking by over and over.

ID: 700967

30. Noooo, Mom calls and she’s ready to come get you!

ID: 700984

31. But it’s OK. You’ll be back soon enough.

ID: 701009

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