23 Dogs That Are Already Over The Holidays

It’ll all be over soon, guys!

1. Hunter is trying to think of an excuse to miss your ugly sweater party.

ID: 740831

2. Petunia got another musical Blue Mountain e-card from her great-aunt Helen.

ID: 740836

3. Max does not want to watch “Elf” with his annoying cousins from Minnesota.

ID: 740834

4. Toby hasn’t seen the sun since September 3.

ID: 740835

5. Raffles is already stressed about losing his holiday weight.

ID: 740837

6. Daisy thinks gift cards are impersonal but procrastinated and ended up getting her Secret Santa a coupon for a free Starbucks drink.

ID: 740838

7. Frank has already had three hangovers this week.

ID: 740840

8. Mittens’ dad is so hard to shop for.

ID: 740841

9. Maggie and Giggles think eggnog is disgusting.

ID: 740850

10. Cuddles waited too long and had to pay for overnight shipping for all of the gifts he bought on Amazon.

ID: 740887

11. Rex thinks Christmas has gotten way too over-commercialized.

ID: 740842

12. Millie can’t believe she’s single for yet ANOTHER holiday season.

ID: 740851

13. Patches got way too drunk at his work party and hit on a ton of his co-workers.

ID: 740843

14. If Esmeralda hears one more radio station play “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer,” she’s going to lose it.

ID: 740844

15. Todd’s in-laws think it’s so funny to give everyone a literal lump of coal every year.

ID: 740846

16. Francine’s flight home to Ohio cost $700.

ID: 740848

17. Gus’ parents stopped doing Hanukkah gifts years ago.

ID: 740849

18. Emma’s co-worker won’t stop listening to the Country Christmas Pandora station — without headphones.

ID: 740854

19. Winnie has to pretend to love that hideous outfit Aunt Gertrude got her.

ID: 740881

20. Suzie HATES making small talk at parties.

ID: 740862

21. Gretchen and Sadie don’t have New Year’s plans yet and are starting to get a little nervous.

ID: 740859

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