20 Things Only People With Glasses Will Understand

Glasses are cool and trendy, but they also come with their downsides.

1. Being called four-eyes throughout elementary school.

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2. Which somehow changes into a smarty-pants stereotype, which we secretly like.

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3. Black-smudged glasses from wearing mascara.

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4. Automatic sinks that don’t recognize your glasses as something needing to be cleaned.

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5. Feeling too lazy to put on contacts.

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6. Crying. Always a splotchy mess.

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7. Feeling nerdy wiping your glasses on your shirt.

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8. Do you think I’m a hipster just because I wear glasses?

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9. Wishing you could have windshield wipers for your glasses.

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10. Feeling nervous for your specs when everyone wants to try on your glasses.

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11. Becoming an old person when you can’t find them.

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12. The jealousy when someone says they have 20/20 vision.

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13. Having to take off your glasses and ride roller coasters blindly.

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14. Shopping for clothes based on what would look good with your glasses.

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15. Feeling trendy whenever you see a celebrity with specs.

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16. Using the excuse, “Sorry, I’m blind” quite frequently.

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17. The danger of shaving your legs in the shower without being able to see.

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18. Easily telling who is wearing frames without lenses, and knowing how silly they look.

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19. When your lenses fog up in steam rooms, bathrooms, kitchens…basically, anywhere with heat.

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20. The power to look at someone above your glasses all-knowingly.

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