Leonardo DiCaprio Really Loves The Past

Or Leonardo DiCaprio hates the present. Half of his films take place before now. Time is sorry Leo. posted on

1. “The Man in the Iron Mask”-18th Century France

2. “Django Unchained”-1858

3. “Gangs of New York”-1862

4. “Total Eclipse”-1871

5. “The Quick and the Dead”-1881

6. “Titanic”-1912

7. “J. Edgar”-1919-1970s

8. “The Great Gatsby”-1920s

9. “The Aviator”-1927-1946

10. “Shutter Island”-1954

11. “Revolutionary Road”-1955

12. “This Boy’s Life”-1957

13. “Catch Me if You Can”- 1963

14. Maybe one day a time machine will be invented just for Leo.

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