The Most Powerful Moments Ever Captured That You Must See Before You Die


1. Let’s start this one off easy, because there’s way too much powerful stuff still to come! Here we have the majestic power of the horsie. I mean, this is at least 15 horsepower!

ID: 1375257

2. Wow! Now THIS is Powerful. A lowly Florida MD wins $189 million dollars playing the Powerball! Good Powerplay, guy!

The first order of business, hire a pretty lady slave to carry the giant check everywhere! The things money can buy…

ID: 1375280

3. Now we’re getting into the real POWER! Here’s what happens when you harness the divine power of Christ AND Swords!

ID: 1375408

4. “Lord, grant me the power to break this long, rock hard…BASEBALL BAT!”

I am simply overcome!

ID: 1375282

5. Simply, the only power that matters, for without it, you wouldn’t be here.

ID: 1375284

6. Just…so PowerRangersful.

ID: 1375212

7. Fuckin’ Recycle! The power is yours!

ID: 1375219

8. Oh, look at the cute little kitty! WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?

ID: 1375268

9. Gandalf! Watch out for the Balrog! Use your powers! Don’t let him pass!

ID: 1375245

10. Daaaamn! We knew you could do it, Gandy! Take ‘em down!

ID: 1375227

11. I don’t know what version of Lord of the Rings this is, but Gandalf you are the man! Splittin’ seas in half and shit!

ID: 1375272

12. Proton Pack POWERRRRR!!!

Seriously though, why didn’t they include a scene where these guys enjoy the world’s most epic smores?

ID: 1375254

13. Gandalf, you’re everywhere! From Episode 3 of the Two Towers when he transformed into Magneto and took down the Golden Gate Bridge!!!

I think if this list has taught us anything it’s that Gandalf is the most powerful dude that ever lived.

ID: 1375259

14. Here, Mario harnesses the power of Dragon Breath.

ID: 1375264

15. Mortal Kombat. Scorpion. “Get over here.”

The power speaks for itself.

ID: 1375271

16. HE’S ON FIRE! Boomshaklakalakalaka.

ID: 1375278

17. Ken can’t even HANDLE the shit Ryu’s throwing down right here. A HADOUKEN straight to the face!

Too much power.

ID: 1375285

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