35 YouTube Videos You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

These are videos people actually uploaded to YouTube.

1. This video of a sloth.

2. This video of someone singing Adele.

3. This video of a woman doing magic.

4. This video of a girl telling us the secrets of internet popularity.

5. This video of a guy telling it like it is.

6. This video of an easy-to-do daily makeup routine.

7. This video of how to eat corn in the most efficient way possible.

8. This video of the worst car wash ever.

9. This video of turtles doing it.

10. This video of a guy who balls too hard for his own good.

11. This video of a girl finally learning the truth.

12. This video of a vindicated goat.

13. This video of a girl doing her own “Umbrella” music video with her friends.

14. This video of a guy who just bit into a stapler.

15. This video of a dog learning something truly shocking.

16. This video of a goat yelling at a man.

17. This video Judge Judy yelling at a man.

18. This video of a happy Juggalo family.

19. This video of a guy casually washing his car.

20. This video of two coworkers.

21. This video of a guy who is really pleased with the joke he just told.

22. This video of a woman dancing around a little bit in her backyard.

23. This video of a kid who’s up to no good.

24. This video of a man playing his trumpet.

25. This video of a girl showing us how to be soft grunge.

26. This video for a Nicki Minaj song.

27. This video of a guy just licking his cat.

28. This video of a kid who thinks he’s going to jail.

29. This video of two people getting divorced who are actually the same person.

30. This video of a man and his raccoon.

31. This video of a girl who’s being real with you for a second.

32. This video of a crazy-ass cat.

33. This video of a guy who just got paid.

34. This video of a deadly fight.

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