Why January Is Most Annoying Time To Go To The Gym

Why do everyone else’s New Year’s resolutions have to ruin your life?

1. There are annoying things about the gym no matter when you go.

ID: 753372

2. But January is the worst because it goes from being like this…

ID: 775620

3. …to being like this.

ID: 775644

4. It’s so crowded and you have people doing stuff like this.

ID: 753393

5. And this.

ID: 775156

7. And this.

ID: 777363

8. And this.

ID: 775890

9. And this.

ID: 775328

10. There are more people trying to show off.

ID: 775231

11. And more people taking up space on the equipment you want to use.

ID: 775178

12. And more people trying out weird workouts they saw in a magazine at the grocery store check-out line once.

ID: 777359

13. And more people working out harder than they probably should right off the bat.

ID: 775265

14. And more people doing this.

ID: 775320

15. And more people doing this.

ID: 777347

16. And more people doing this.

ID: 774798

17. It’s SO annoying.

ID: 777355

18. But don’t worry, because it’s going to be OK.

ID: 752950

19. Because after a week or two, all the new people will get really sore…

ID: 775152

20. …and they won’t come back until next January.

ID: 776196

21. So just take a chill pill for a little bit.

ID: 775167

22. By February, you’ll be able to stay fit…

ID: 774169

23. …and get swole without the annoying crowds.

ID: 775196

24. Good luck until then!

ID: 775177

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