What Life Was Like In The ’00s According To High School Newspaper Headlines

I found some old copies on my high school newspaper, the Tiger Adviser. Hundreds of years from now, historians will be able to look at these newspapers and understand what life was like for us in the ’00s.

1. Janet Jackson exposed her breast at the Super Bowl. Oh yeah, and we got Saddam Hussein.

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2. Looking like Ashlee Simpson and Britney Spears was newsworthy.

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3. LiveStrong bracelets were a big thing.

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4. And cell phones were starting to become a big thing. Also, Osama bin Laden.

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5. People doubted the authenticity of reality television.

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6. And resented Abercrombie and Fitch.

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7. The fear of being sued for illegally downloading music was real.

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8. Being punk was a thing people did.

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“Sitting by the stairs is a lunch hangout for punk students.”

ID: 2039476

9. Trucker hats were trendy.

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“This Ashton-inspired trucker hat can be see on many guys at GHS … Jesse found his hat at Pacific Sun.”

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10. The dress code made it hard for students to be truly fashionable.

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“Many Gilbert students break the dress code while trying to express their individuality.”

ID: 2039472

11. People had strong opinions about the War in Iraq and Avril Lavigne.

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“To whoever wrote the “Avril Lavinge: She’s just so complicated” article: We and our friend (who choses to remain anonymous) think that the writer of this article was not fully informed on the subject he/she was given to write on.”

ID: 2039482

12. This opinion editor even wrote a column in support of the Iraq War sophomore year but then retracted it senior year, which was a very ’00s thing to do.

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ID: 2038709

13. But most importantly, people loved to hate Paris Hilton.

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“Unfamiliar with whom the Hilton sisters are? Allow me to introduce you. Paris, 22, and Nicky, 19…”

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