The Political Halloween Mask Poll Is Actually Kind Of Accurate

It’s the poll no one’s talking about, but maybe we should.

Since 1996, Spirit Halloween, one of the largest costume retailers in the country, has correctly predicted the outcome of the presidential election based on which candidate sells the most masks, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

ID: 615802

2. Halloween ‘96

Bill Clinton v. Bob Dole

ID: 615670

3. Halloween ‘00

Al Gore v. George W. Bush

ID: 615762

4. Halloween ‘04

John Kerry v. George W. Bush

ID: 615724

5. Halloween ‘08

Barack Obama v. John McCain

ID: 615782

6. Halloween ‘12 so far

Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney

ID: 615789

“Obama may be in the lead right now, but anything can happen,” Lisa Barr, Spirit Halloween’s senior marketing director told the San Francisco Chronicle. “We still have a month to go.”

ID: 615848


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