The Guy Who Played Kevin G. In "Mean Girls" Is Now A Calligrapher

His real name is Rajiv Surendra, and he’s really good at what he does.

1. Rajiv Surendra, the actor who played North Shore High School mathlete captain/rapper Kevin G. in the 2004’s classic “Mean Girls,” is now a calligrapher.

ID: 960048

2. Rajiv says he first became interested in calligraphy “about 12 years ago” (before “Mean Girls” existed) when he saw some letters written in the mid-1800s.

ID: 960083

3. Rajiv has done chalk walls for advertising agencies, birthday invitations for interior designers and logos for restaurants.

ID: 960124

4. On his website, Rajiv says he hopes his work inspires people to get off their computers and cell phones and “write down a few words to someone you care about – the old fashioned way.”

ID: 960370

5. Way to go, Rajiv. Keep doing your thang.

ID: 960058

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