The 2012 Presidential Campaign In 24 Magazine Covers

It’s hard to believe this thing is finally wrapping up. A look back at the campaign’s most memorable magazine covers.

1. Remember that time we didn’t know who the Republican nominee would be?

ID: 664889

2. We didn’t know if it would be Mitt.

ID: 665250

3. Or Michele.

ID: 659510

5. Or Sarah. (OMG, seriously, remember when we thought she might run?)

ID: 665198

6. Everyone kind of knew it was going to be Mitt, but Republicans weren’t totally in love with him.

ID: 659499

7. Until they looked at their other options and realized that maybe they were.

ID: 659501

8. Newt put up a good fight.

ID: 659517

9. So did Rick.

ID: 665001

10. And Democrats loved watching the Republicans duke it out.

ID: 664983

11. But eventually, Mitt became the nominee.

ID: 674449

12. And Paul became his running mate.

ID: 659481

13. The campaign was expected to be expensive.

ID: 665181

14. And not as fun as 2008.

ID: 674537

15. There were conventions.

ID: 673715

17. And debates.

ID: 659717

21. And oh so many ads and tweets and commercials that drove us crazy.

ID: 659733

22. But eventually, it came down to the wire.

ID: 673568

23. And Americans had to make up their minds.

ID: 659564

24. Who’s it going to be?

ID: 674486

25. We shall see!

ID: 676984

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