Straight People Not Allowed To Flaunt Their Heterosexuality At A Traditional Marriage Event

PDA is not OK. If you outwardly express your heterosexuality, you could be kicked out of the Celebration of Marriage event.

1. An event celebrating traditional marriage will be held later this month in Sandy, Utah.

2. The organizers have indicated that no public displays of affection will be allowed. Individuals who display their affection publicly or bring signs or costumes, could be removed from the event.

3. This means you’re not allowed to heterosexually hold hands.

4. Or straight smooch.

5. Or give your opposite sex partner a kiss on the cheek.

6. Or hold them in a very straight manner.

7. Or engage in a little heterosexual squeezin’.

8. Save your heterosexual displays of affection for private please. Thank you.

9. Event organizers did not respond to a request for comment.

h/t Benjamin Wood.

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