22 Reasons Nor Cal Is The Best Cal

Nor Cal is hella awesome, guys.

1. It’s where the capital is.

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2. There’s a town called Weed.

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3. And a county called Yolo

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4. The traffic isn’t as bad as it is down south.

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5. Wine country

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6. Paradise is there.

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7. The original Lord’s Gym is in Roseville.

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8. There are really big trees.

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9. The Star Wars scenes for Endor were filmed in the Redwood Forest.

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10. The smog isn’t as bad as it is down south.

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11. The Giants have won two of the past three World Series and it’s been more than ten years since a So Cal team has.

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12. It’s where all our technology gets made.

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13. Lake Tahoe is the largest Alpine Lake in North America.

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14. “Full House” was set in San Francisco.

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15. Nor Cal NFL teams have won more Super Bowls than So Cal teams.

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16. When you see “Designed by Apple in California,” they mean Nor Cal.

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17. Johnny Cash sang a song about a prison in Folsom.

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18. There are no Lakers.

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19. Vin Diesel drove a car off a bridge and parachuted into our hearts on the Foresthill Bridge in “xXx.”

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20. “Hella”

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21. When they made the California quarter, they put Half Dome on it.

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22. And most importantly, there are no Kardashians.

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(But seriously, Nor Cal and So Cal are just like siblings and in the end we love each other. No hate, no hate. California love.)

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