Political Junkies’ Guide To Life After The Election

You’re going to get through this. I promise.

1. Yesterday, you were on top of the world. It was election day. It was your Super Bowl.

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2. But then, the polls closed. And they called it for Obama. And it was over.

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3. It didn’t even matter if Obama was your guy or not.

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4. Because with the election now history, you feel a little empty.

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5. And a little sad.

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6. Because you love politics.

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7. It was all you watched.

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8. And all you read.

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9. And all you argued about.

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10. But now it’s over and you silently weep, wondering how you’ll occupy your time.

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11. But listen, it’s going to be OK. I promise.

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12. Now you have time to keep up with shows you missed.

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13. Or read a good book.

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14. You can tweet about your day or what you’re eating instead of politics.

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15. And remember all the ridiculous stuff you actually hated during the campaign?

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16. Like all the asinine things people said on the Internet that made you want to quit Facebook?

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17. And the never-ending polls.

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18. It’s easy to forget now, but there were days you wished the election would end.

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19. So now’s the time to sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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20. Because the 2014 midterm elections are only 727 days away.

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