Music Producer Phil Ramone Dead At Age 72

“Truly one of the great names in music has gone on, but the melodies will remain,” Aretha Franklin said in a statement.

Music producer Phil Ramone, a 14-time Grammy winner, died Sunday, his son Matt old CNN. Ramone, who was 72, had been called “the star behind the stars” by Stevie Wonder. He worked with a lot of very successful recording artists including:

ID: 1029324

2. Billy Joel

ID: 1029329

3. Madonna

ID: 1029336

4. Bob Dylan

ID: 1029337

5. Paul McCartney

ID: 1029343

6. Cyndi Lauper

ID: 1029338

7. Frank Sinatra

ID: 1029339

8. Paul Simon

ID: 1029342

9. Elton John

ID: 1029345

10. The Rolling Stones

ID: 1029346

11. Lesley Gore

ID: 1029331

12. He also worked on blockbuster soundtracks like the one from “Flashdance.”

ID: 1029334

13. And the “Ghostbusters” soundtrack.

ID: 1029341

14. You can see Ramon’s full discography here.

ID: 1029350

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