Everything We Know So Far About Britney Spears’ New Album And Las Vegas Residency

You guys, it’s going to be so good.

1. Her show is called “Britney: Piece Of Me” and we have no idea what the album is called yet.

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2. She’s scheduled to perform 50 shows a year for two years.

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3. Her show is going to be held in a 4,600-seat theater at Planet Hollywood.

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4. She’s already picked her dancers.

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5. The setlist will be 21 songs long and feature the hits plus music from her upcoming album, Kurt Melien, VP of entertainment at Caesars Entertainment, told Billboard.

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6. He also said Britney isn’t expected to move to Las Vegas. Instead, she’ll stay in a hotel when she’s performing.

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7. It’s directed by Baz Halpin, who’s worked on tours of artists like Katy Perry and Pink.

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8. There will be no lip-syncing. It’s all going to be live vocals, her manager Larry Rudolph told Billboard.

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9. Rudolph also said he thinks of the upcoming album “as Britney’s ‘Ray of Light’ album. It’s kind of like that in a lot of ways.”

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10. Every song on the album was written or co-written by Britney. “She wrote everything on the album with collaborators. There’s one or two she wrote herself. That’s something she wanted to do coming in. She wanted to make it very personal,” Rudolph said.

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11. There’s a song called “Perfume” she co-wrote with Sia that’s about “wanting the next girl to smell your perfume on the guy afterwards.” It’s expected to be a single.

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12. is the executive producer.

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13. He told Rolling Stone the two of them went to lunch four times a month for three months to talk about the album. “We can’t do another song about going on the dance floor,” he said. “Don’t we want to see something that comes from the heart.”

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14. Four lunches a month times three months is 12 lunches.

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15. Britney has called the album her most personal yet. “I had a breakup at the beginning of the year, so I had a lot to say … I just got writers I was really comfortable with,” she told Catt Sadler.

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16. It comes out December 3.

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17. The music video for “Work B**ch” will be directed by Ben Mor, who also did the “Scream And Shout” music video. He told MTV it will be “one of the more ambitious Britney videos in a while.”

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18. And this is a sneak peak of what it will look like.

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