Creepy Images From An Abandoned Bible Theme Park

The park’s been closed and neglected for 29 years. Take a look inside.

1. In Waterbury, Conn., there’s an abandoned park called Holy Land U.S.A.

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2. It’s a Bible theme park that was built in 1940.

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3. But it’s been closed since 1984.

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4. It was once the largest tourist attraction in Connecticut.

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5. This is what it used to look like.

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12. Today, Holy Land U.S.A. is closed to visitors and is super creepy.

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13. It was built by a Catholic lawyer named John Baptist Greco who wanted the community to be able to better understand the Bible.

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14. He built the park with the help of a group of volunteers known as Companions of Christ.

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15. It featured Jerusalem.

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16. Bethlehem.

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17. Herod’s Palace.

ID: 829910

18. A sepulchre.

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19. Bible verses.

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21. A 50-foot cross that can be seen from the highway.

ID: 830461

22. And various depictions of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

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26. The park closed in 1984 because Greco planned on updating and improving it.

ID: 830880

27. But he died two years later and it never reopened.

ID: 830464

28. A group of nuns were given responsibility over the property.

ID: 829933

29. But little has been done to maintain the park.

ID: 829725

30. And both time and vandals have taken their toll.

ID: 830872

31. Various attempts to restore or reopen the park have been made.

ID: 830625

32. But none of them have gotten very far.

ID: 830163

33. In 2000, Archbishop Daniel A. Cronin of the Hartford Archdiocese said there were plans to rebuild the park.

ID: 830472

34. It was estimated to cost $10 million and take several years.

ID: 829947

35. But nothing has happened.

ID: 829937

36. And Holy Land U.S.A. is still closed.

ID: 829794

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