12 Companies That Should Cut Their Food Packaging Budget

Not only is it extra garbage, it’s extra time unwrapping.

1. Silly Dole, bananas already have a natural wrapper.

ID: 771415

2. And so does corn.

ID: 771417

3. You should get a minimum of eight jelly beans every time you have to unwrap plastic.

ID: 774856

4. Japanese 7-Eleven wraps up a single slice of ham…

ID: 771422

…and it’s not very big.

ID: 771423

5. Wrapped apples would be nice because think of how many people touch your apples in the grocery store before you eat it. But still, this is overkill.

ID: 773853

6. Such a complicated little box for a single egg.

ID: 771421

7. A single Kit Kat. Give me a break.

ID: 771430

8. A single vanilla bean.

ID: 771431

9. One little pancake.

ID: 771428

10. A spoonful of cole slaw. If that.

ID: 771429

11. This French burger that comes in a box that comes in a bag that comes in another bag…

ID: 775437

…oh yeah, and it also comes inside a little cup too.

ID: 775457

12. And whatever this is.

ID: 773867

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