21 Things To Know About The New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Heros in a half shell. Turtle power!

1. There’s a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon coming to Nickelodeon.

2. It’s going to be CG animated.

3. Michelangelo (the “wild one”) still has his nunchuks.

4. But he’s going to be more deadly than ever because his nunchuks will have blades! They’re actually called kusarigama.

5. Leonardo (the “leader”) still has his katana.

6. And the plural of katana is also katana. And two katana are better than one.

7. Donatello (the “brains”) still has his bo.

8. But his bo has a blade on it now!

9. Raphael (the “muscle”) still has his sai.

10. He will use them to fight bad guys and fork pizza.

11. Splinter is still really wise.

12. Shredder is meaner than ever.

13. He’s got claws that come out like Wolverine.

14. Some of the bad guys have really big heads.

15. Instead of being one guy, Kraang is an alien race.

16. The Kraang walk around in blue robots that shoot lasers.

17. There are going to be tons of foot soldiers.

18. Baxter Stockman isn’t a mutant fly man yet, but he’s a guy in a huge robot thing.

19. There will be toys!

And remember how they used to say “cowabunga!”…

20. Now they’re going to say “booyakasha”…

Lame, I know.

21. But, the theme song is great and is like the original but with rapping!

Get excited!

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