16 Things That Would Help You Ace Your Finals

Cramming for finals week is literally the worst thing ever, but stuff like this would make it way better.

1. If you actually read your textbook during the semester.

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2. If your textbook had more pictures.

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3. If there was less to memorize.

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4. If you had somewhere comfortable to study.

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5. If the Internet wasn’t so distracting.

ID: 732884

6. If you could study everywhere you went.

ID: 731019

7. If the library was more comfortable.

ID: 730934

8. If the library was more fun.

ID: 732204

9. If you could go several nights in a row without having to sleep.

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10. If the one-page cheat sheet your teacher lets you use could go on forever.

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11. If the questions were easier.

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12. If the answers had some sort of easy-to-spot pattern.

ID: 730988

13. If your final was just a word search.

ID: 731005

14. If you got extra credit for having a sense of humor.

ID: 730970

15. If what you studied was actually on the test.

ID: 730942

16. Oh, yeah, and if you didn’t have an essay to write too.

ID: 731883

Don’t worry, you’ll do fine.

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