Why The "Fake Geek Girl" Meme Needs To Die

The world of comics, gaming, sci-fi, and geekdom in general is under attack! Oh my god how dare you be a woman and enjoy geek stuff?!

What is the “Fake Geek Girl”? It is the accusation that women are pretending to be nerdy for male attention.

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1. You know, because EVERYTHING women do is totes for the menz.

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The ‘fake geek girl’ meme is basically this interaction.

It’d be nice to have a Fairy Gamer Momma in times like this.

Comic by Sailorswayze

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In reality, there is no such thing as the fake geek girl.

“There is no such thing as a fake geek girl. There are only girls who are at different, varying levels of falling in love with something the society generically considers to fall under the nerd culture category.” - Youtube personality albinwonderland in her video “Fake Geek Girl”

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But you can find it all over the place.

This ad was placed on the back of Scott Snyder’s Batman #13. Alienating women in a single bound!

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It even comes from professionals in the industry.

Comics writer Dirk Manning posted this image on his Facebok page.

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Tony Harris, a comic book writer who worked on Iron Man, Starman, and Ex Machina, posted this rant on his facebook.

tl;dr Women at conventions are imposters! And whores! I don’t respect any women and assume their entire existence is for the pleasure of men! Boobies!

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2. It is incredibly sexist.

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…and it’s not like geekdom isn’t mired in enough sexism as it is.

The Hawkeye Initiative is a project fans started to “draw attention to how deformed, hyper-sexualized, and unrealistically posed/dressed women are drawn in comics.”

Comic by Litebox

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It’s really just absurd.

Comic by Dorktower

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People are allowed to like *some* elements of a culture. In fact, this happens all the time!

Getting mad at women for liking what is considered a ‘superficial’ part of nerd culture but ignoring the fact that men also enjoy ‘superficial’ parts of other cultures as well? Oops! Your sexism is showing, again.

Comic by Radrangy

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4. So instead of accusing people of being posers…

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5. …just stop.

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Not everyone has to like what you like in exactly the same way that you like it.

Kindly step off your ‘geekier than thou’ high horse.

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And to all those out there who have been accused of being the ‘fake geek girl’…

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…and get ready to feast.

Comic by Oxboxer

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