25 Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down


1. Be nice to yourself.

Art by Emily McDowell. Buy print here.

ID: 992147

2. Make this your morning routine.

Tumblr user 2wentysixletters’ take on Kate Nash’s lyrics.

ID: 991295

3. Eat well.

“Thug Kitchen” by DarkClinton.

ID: 993319

4. Embrace the magical powers of tea.

Art by This Folded Mind.

ID: 991361

5. Remember to take a break.

Art by Karen Horneffer-Ginter. Buy print here.

ID: 991355

6. Write down all the reasons it was worth getting out of bed and look back at these lists.

Art by Anxiety Cat.

ID: 991298

7. Put on your emergency tiara in times of stress.

Found by Reddit user iamhdbuzz.

ID: 991304

8. Surround yourself with inspiring things.

Art by Alex Noriega.

ID: 992966

9. Make a declaration of intention.

Art by Emily McDowell. Buy print and calendar here.

ID: 992190

10. Remember that you are awesome in your own right.

Art by Chibird.

ID: 991294

11. Leave yourself affirming messages.

ID: 993503

12. Make time for the things that make you feel good.

Art by Sad Teen Queer.

ID: 991330

13. Enjoy the pleasures of being alone.

Video by filmmaker Andrea Dorfman and poet/singer/songwriter Tanya Davis.

ID: 992172

14. Build your own “emergency care wall.”

Art by Chibird.

ID: 993692

15. Remind yourself of all the delightful things in the world you are going to experience.

Art by Emma Koenig of Fuck I’m In My 20s.

ID: 991359

16. Take out all the toxic things in your life.

Campaign by The National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC) of Canada.

ID: 993392

17. …and remember to appreciate your body for all that it does for you.

ID: 993624

18. Give a hug. Get a hug.

Art by Chibird.

ID: 992953

20. Disconnect.

Dan Moynihan

Art by Dan Moynihan.

ID: 993904

21. Do some yoga. Seriously, it’ll be good for you!

Art by Amanda Geisinger.

ID: 993749

22. Be reflective. Be courageous.

Art by Mei Lee. Buy print here.

ID: 993522

23. Always prioritize yourself.

Art by Dani.

ID: 993852

24. Don’t forget to breathe.

Art by Chibird.

ID: 992963

25. And remember:

Art by Emily McDowell. Buy print here.

ID: 992120

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