The 19 Greatest Curves Of All Time


1. This flawless Jay Z curve.

2. This impeccable execution.

3. This computer generated curve.

4. This incredible response to a dude asking for nudes.

5. The manual read receipt curve.

She don't got a iPhone, so I had to physically tell her she was ignored


6. The Siri curve.

wow wtf siri curved me I'm done

— young_oreo_ (@Emmanuel Grande)

7. The parental curve.

8. The curves that are apparently happening inside the Netflix community.

9. The Ash Ketchum curve that came out of nowhere.

10. This painful to accept Trey Songz curve.

11. The curve for no reason.

when I get married ima curve ppl who aren't even tryna holla. him: "u want any extra ketchup?" me: "I'm married, but thank u."

— Dory (@)

12. The mathematical curve.

13. Curve: The Musical.

14. The group project curve.

15. This three part saga.


16. The wrong number curve.

17. The Avril Lavigne assisted curve.

18. The Breakfast at Tiffany’s curve.

Paramount Pictures

19. And this spectacular curve recovery.

She took took the curve like a champ.

— BvsedQuran (@&)

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