Seven Glorious Photos Of Idris Elba’s Bulge



According to a tweet from Elba, it was just a mic wire. We can still dream, though.

ID: 3559698
ID: 3559695

1. Idris Elba and his glorious bulge were spotted shooting A Hundred Streets in London.

ID: 3555477

2. Is this real life???

ID: 3555478

3. Is it the angle of the photo or are you just happy to see me?

ID: 3555480

4. It is unclear what exactly is happening in Idris Elba’s pants.

ID: 3555481

5. But let us all just take a moment to appreciate this excuse to stare at his crotch.

ID: 3555482

6. Bulge experts, please weigh in.

ID: 3555483

7. Is this Idris Elba’s bulge?

ID: 3555486

Also, friendly reminder, Idris Elba once tweeted this:

ID: 3555538


ID: 3555564

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