Illustrated Truths About Adulthood

Sometimes the absurdities and subtleties of this thing we call adulthood are best captured in the panels of a comic strip.

1. The future is here. You’re an “adult” now, apparently.

Art by Sarah See Andersen.

ID: 1250501

2. Even though you don’t really know what that means.

Art by Wendy Xu

ID: 1250382

3. It can be kind of a sweet deal.

Art by Adam Sandiford.

ID: 1250343

4. You get to spend your time however you want.

Art by Justin Boyd.

ID: 1250337

5. Seriously, you can just do whatever you want.

Art by Randall Munroe.

ID: 1250389

6. You have the freedom to redefine your world. Things like “breakfast” and “well-rounded” meal.

Art by J. L. Westover.

ID: 1254924

7. Oh sweet, sweet freedom.

Art by Arkolina.

ID: 1250503

8. You also develop a deeper emotional maturity.

Art by Tumblr user Star Fleet Rambo.

ID: 1251889

9. And you’ll get better at dealing with self doubt.

ID: 1250120

11. Let’s be honest, you also just get better at being lazy.

Art by Jim Benton.

ID: 1250260

12. It’s also a time of a lot of uncertainty. And it can be hard to pretend you’ve got it all together.

Art by Ryan Dow.

ID: 1250380

13. You will feel bursts of existential anxiety in between the most mundane of tasks.

Art by Box Brown.

ID: 1258559

14. But while your new adult perspective may be bittersweet…

Art by Caroline.

ID: 1258519

15. …don’t let that take away from the fact that the world is still full of beauty and magic.

Art by Hugh.

ID: 1259769

16. Oh and, FYI, this is only one stage of adulthood…

Art by Caldwell Tanner.

ID: 1250401

17. But, rest assured, no one else knows what they’re doing either.

Art by Monica Ekabutr.

ID: 1250346

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