21 Hilarious, Awkward, And Painful Rounds Of Cards Against Humanity

Well played.

1. This astute political analysis.

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2. This 100% accurate description of the internet.

ID: 1670394

3. This depressing realization.

ID: 1669900

4. This other depressing realization.

ID: 1669886

5. This nerdy pick-up line.

ID: 1669869

6. This truism.

ID: 1671790

7. This excellent Cosmo tip.

ID: 1670045

8. This horrifying round of charades.

ID: 1669604

9. This macabre observation.

ID: 1669940

10. This truth behind Maybelline.

ID: 1671035

11. This distinct aroma of the elderly.

ID: 1674480

12. This upcoming ESPN2 show.

ID: 1671039

13. This Lifetime movie.

ID: 1674367

14. This airdrop in Afghanistan.

ID: 1669890

15. These difficulties at the colony.

ID: 1671023

16. This grandma who is basically all of us.

ID: 1674478

17. This horrifying possibility.

ID: 1670054

18. This sideboob slideshow gone wrong.

ID: 1669693

19. This Putin routine.

ID: 1671037

20. This controversy at PAX.

[PAX is a gaming conference/festival where games like Cards Against Humanity present their newest work. Some key members of PAX have a troubling relationship to the women in the gaming community, to put it kindly.]

ID: 1671792

21. And, well, you decide what the outcome of this Miley Cyrus round should be…

ID: 1669845

And remember, please file all complaints here:

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